Breathe life into your next party

Imagine you're out on a mani/pedi date with your BFF when, in between coats of Lickable Pink, she suddenly slumps to the floor and stops breathing. Can you remember the CPR training you learned in Girl Scouts mumble-mumble years ago to save her life?

Why risk it? Invite your friends and family over and get a refresher course right at home using the Family & Friends CPR Anytime kit from the American Heart Association. Each kit contains an inflatable mannequin, practice lungs and an instructional DVD that shows you the basics of CPR. An accompanying booklet explains how to perform CPR on babies and what to do for a choking victim.

In just 22 minutes, you and your guests will learn the proper way to give the breath of life. Based on the traditional American Heart Association CPR for Family and Friends Course, this self-directed course has been  research-proven to be equivalent to the traditional course for learning the core skills of CPR.

Each party guest receives her or his own kit unless they’re related or don’t mind sharing a mannequin. (Blowing air into the kit's practice lungs has the equivalent germ factor of eating off the same fork]. But at just under $30 a kit, that's less than you'd spend on a Mojito party.

Treat yourself: $29.95, Family & Friends CPR Anytime, Family & Friends CPR Anytime Online Store, 800-233-1230

Have pets?

Bone up on the pet CPR technique that can save little Fido and Fifi, which is different than the human method.

Treat yourself: Free online instructions from HealthyPet.com


Be an on-the-go superhero

After you’ve got the CPR know-how, you may be called upon to perform the breath of life on a total stranger with—ack!—germs! Save a life or risk something contagious? That slight hesitation can cost you major hero points. Now you can jump right into the lifesaving game with a portable pocket mask, a plastic barrier that enables you to perform the breath of life on any stranger without risk of catching germs. Small enough to fit into any purse, the pocket mask also comes in a stylish blue cloth case, making it the must-have accessory for any savvy life-saving woman.

Treat yourself: Laerdal pocket mask, $13.95, Laerdal.com, (800) 648-1851


Give yourself an extra breath

The portable solution to innovative, yet tragically geekish oxygen bars, O2 now comes in a handy purse-sized can for those times you need a boost in energy or clarity, which 02 is said to provide. Sound too odd to take in? The Japanese don't think so. Breathing  flavored O2 from a can is all the rage there, especially among drowsy drivers who buy it from 7-11 (yes, there are 7-11s even in Japan) to help keep them alert on the road.

Treat yourself: 02go, $60 for a 5 oz can (150 to 200 breaths of air, BetterThanAir, (866) OXYGEN3


Shock to your system

While you’re getting the training to save lives, get the tools, too. At-home defibrillators can save the life of someone you love in an emergency. Worried that you’ll end up shocking to death the person you were trying to revive? Don't be. The Philips HeartStart Defibrillator portable home defibrillator comes with clear voice commands to help prevent you from taking the life you were trying to save.

Treat yourself: Philips HeartStart Defibrillator, $950,  Americaned.com, (800) 927-9917



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