Anchor Bar Buffalo chicken wings

Who doesn't crave Buffalo wings at least once in awhile? They're chewy, crispy, juicy, tangy, sweet, buttery and spicy all at once.  And they're a perfect reason to indulge in copious amounts of creamy bleu cheese without anyone casting a withering glance in your direction.

The next time you and your friends get the hankering for a Buffalo wing feast, don’t just settle for any old chicken wings. You could end up with a greasy, bland pile of bones and half-plucked feathers. Instead, treat yourself and your guests to the ultimate Buffalo chicken wings—the ones that come straight from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, where this tasty chicken treat was invented.

That’s when, in 1964, bar owner Teressa Bellissimo whipped up a recipe for her son and his friends who, like many young men today,  stopped by the bar to hang out and grub free food. Using the parts of the wings that usually went into the stock pot for soup, she deep fried them and coated them with a secret sauce. They were an instant hit. Before long, her newly dubbed "Buffalo wings" were a regular part of their menu and menus in restaurants all over the world.

Don’t just get the Anchor Bar chicken wings because you can boast that they’re the original and are still made right in the same kitchen as the first ones were 42 years ago. Get them because they’re also the best. The hot sauce is buttery, tangy and as spicy as you dare to get. And the chicken is chosen for its quality, producing meaty, juicy wings with a crispy skin.

The best part? They're a cinch to serve. The Anchor Bar delivers their  wings frozen yet fully cooked anywhere in the continental U.S. Mailed overnight in a a chilled container, they'll be thawed by the time you receive them. All you need to do is heat them up for 10 to 15 minutes and they're ready to serve. They even throw in complimentary bleu cheese and celery, making this a perfect treat for a Buffalo wing party.

Speaking of which, with minimum mailed orders of 50, 100 or 150 wings, they're probably too much for just one person. But with TV premiere season here, what better excuse to invite your girlfriends over for a nosh-and-watch? With all those wings, you can make a game out of eating them. For instance, down a wing every time a  contestant on America’s Next Top Model talks trash about another model wanna-be (premieres Wednesday, September 20 @ 8PM/7C, UPN). Down a wing every time Jim glances longingly at Pam on The Office (premieres Thursday, September 21 @ 8:30pm/7:30pmC, NBC). Or down a wing whenever Meredith wistfully pines about McDreamy while a patient writhes in agony on a gurney on Grey’s Anatomy (premieres Thursday, September 21 @ 9/8C,  ABC).

Treat yourself: Anchor Bar Wings, 50, $84.99; 100, $134.99, 150 $179.99, Original, Hot, Suicide or Plain, prices include priority overnight S&H in the continental U.S., AnchorBar.com, (716) 886-8920

Want to use your own organic, free-range chicken or tofurkey alternative? You can still get the same original Anchor Bar taste with their sauce, which is available in Original, Hotter and Suicide.

Treat yourself: Anchor Bar Gift Pack,  $18.50; gallon of Anchor Bar Sauce, $19.99; case of Anchor Bar Sauce, $47.99, AnchorBar.com, (716) 886-8920

Did you know?

The Anchor Bar serves up over a thousand pounds of wings each day!


Attend the festival!

September 2-3: The 5th Annual National Buffalo Wing Festival, Buffalo, New York. Go for the chicken wing eating championship, the bleu cheese bowl competition, and watch as they crown the third Miss Buffalo Wing. Head to BuffaloWing.com for more info.


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