Glitter: Gold hoops reinvented

The gold hoop earring is a jewelry classic. Now designer Miguel Ases turns it on its side and gives it a generous fringe of cat’s eye beads and freshwater pearls for kinetic movement and a colorful glow.

Reminiscent of the Indian summer sky, the warm palette of autumn colors is a natural blend with Earth tone fall fashions. Khaki, brown, olive, burgundy and gold will all look right at home when accessorized with these swinging earrings.

A Spanish born designer, Miguel Ases launched his career in jewelry design after retiring from the National Ballet of Spain. It's easy to imagine his inspiration for such intricate and feminine grace.

The warm cascade of fall colors is suspended from a gold-filled hoop motif, giving these earrings an appearance similar to 14K gold without the 14K price tag. Gold-filled jewelry is an affordable option compared to its karat-gold counterparts and is more valuable than gold plated jewelry, which has an extremely thin layer of gold applied to a less expensive metal. By contrast, gold filled jewelry has a much thicker layer of gold, making the jewelry item about 5% pure gold.

The short list of celebs that have been spotted in Miguel's designs include Oprah, Kelly Ripa, Heather Graham and SJP. So even while expressing your own style, you'll still be in excellent company.

Treat yourself: Miguel Ases, $140, Fragments.com

—Judy Ann Olsen

Fabulous finds under $50

Faceted quartz of a ruddy pink hue sparkles alongside freshwater pearls of deep gold in these dangling silver hoop earrings by Marlyn Schiff.  The swinging fringe adds movement and the unique color combination gives fall a rosy glow and a silver gleam.

Treat yourself: Cherry Quartz and Champagne Pearl Hoop Earrings, $47.99,
BlueLuxe.com,  (888) 591-6172

For the past 13 years, Judy Ann Olsen has been a fixture in the NYC jewelry industry, working for internationally recognized jewelry design houses. A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and specializing in diamonds and couture, she's an accomplished metalsmith whose work has been recognized by the Platinum Guild International. Judy Ann currently offers jewelry consultation for private clients.
Website: JudyAnnOlsen.com
Contact: JudyAnnOlsen[at]msn.com



 Pumpkin and maple glow

It's a little-known fact: pumpkin and maple are not only delicious, they can help you look younger and more refreshed, too! That's because they're a rich source of anti-aging antioxidants and gentle, natural enzymes that mimic alpha hydroxy acids, which are used in many popular skin-saving remedies.

Here are our favorite pumpkin- and maple-infused skincare and haircare products that will get you glowing today:


June Jacobs’ Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque is an intensive therapy face and body mask that delicately digests and exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously moisturizing to make your skin silky smooth.

Treat yourself: Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque, $76 for 5 ounces, JuneJacobs.com (866) JUNE JACOBS (586-3522)

Molton Brown combined pink grapefruit and lime extract as well as moisturizing yeast extract with pumpkin enzymes to create its Skinbalance Toning Lotion. Apply this gentle, alcohol-free toner to your face and neck to exfoliate, rebalance, brighten and fortify your pretty palate.

Treat yourself:
Skinbalance Toning Lotion, $29, 200 ml, MoltonBrown.co.uk, (866) 933-2344

With its rich delicious scent, it will be hard to remember that this one’s for washing, not for eating. Garden Botanika’s Pumpkin Ginger Body Cleanser combines the skin protection and renewal of pumpkin with the circulation and stimulation of ginger to make these suds super sweet. The added oomph of carrot oil sends you out not just clean, but moisturized, too.

Treat yourself:
Pumpkin Ginger Body Cleanser,
$13.50 for 8 ounces, GardenBotanika.com, (800) 968-7842

Sexy Hair brings you an entire hair care line brimming with the power of pumpkin. Start with Pumpkin Detoxifying Shampoo to cleanse and purify or Pumpkin Rehydrating Shampoo for maximum moisture and sheen. The Pumpkin Potion Leave-In Conditioner plays angel to limp, frizzy and over-processed hair, and the Pumpkin Puree Treatment Masque works overtime for shine  with aloe, panthenol, soy and wheat proteins. For protection and styling, spray on Pumpkin Enzyme Therapy Mist, a leave-in conditioner for thermal protection and lift, or Pumpkin Whipped Soufflé Styling Crème for finish, style and shine. All let you enjoy the heavenly scent of pumpkin pie without adding inches to your pumpkin thigh.

Treat yourself:
Sexy Hair, from $13.09 to $21.89,
HairCareChoices.com, (866) 409-7227


Leave the trees and tap B. Kamins Chemist for the most skin softening maple around. Their Maple Sugar Body Scrub pairs maple extract with  vitamins, minerals, and alpha hydroxyl acids to exfoliate and illuminate dry, dull skin. The Maple Lotion combines B. Kamins' trademark Bio-Maple compound with honey and soy as well as shea butter to make your skin so soft and sweet it’s practically edible. Don’t forget the Maple Treatment Cream (SPF 20). Trade in aging, sun spots and scales for smooth supple skin that will make you want to hold your own hand.

Treat yourself:
Maple Sugar Body Scrub, $42 for 8 ounces, Maple Lotion, $32 for 8.5 ounces, Maple Treatment Cream, $30 for 3.5 ounces.

—Heather Pamula

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