Throw an at-home Oktoberfest!

Are you too busy to jet off to Bavaria to catch the end of the annual Oktoberfest? Then get a few dozen pints of your favorite German beer, send out an Evite to your brew-loving buds, and gather up these traditional Bavarian goods to host the ultimate at-home Wiesn-party:


Authentic to the core, these pretzels come from Germany and arrive in your home half-baked. You simply spray them lightly with water or butter, sprinkle with coarse salt, then bake in your oven on a cookie sheet. In 10-12 minutes, you'll have a fresh, warm treat your guests will gush over.

Treat yourself: $10.89, one dozen 75 gram pretzels, BavariaSausage.com, (800) 733-6695


These meat-filled snacks are a traditional staple of the Bavarian diet, which means you can find them in abundance at Oktoberfest. Treat your guests to the Oktoberfest Bratwurst Sampler, which includes well-known flavors, such as Knackwurst, as well as more unusual tastes, such as Red Lager Beer Brats.

Treat yourself: Oktoberfest Bratwurst Sampler 1, $25.99 for 5 lbs, BavariaSausage.com, (800) 733-6695


Shredded cabbage fermented in lactic acid bacteria doesn't exactly sound like it'd be appetizing. Yet, this surprising side dish has been satisfying the sour-loving tastebuds of Germans, as well as Americans, Canadians and even Manchurians, for centuries.

Treat yourself: Hengstenberg Bavarian Sauerkraut, $2.19, 24 ounces, Dereuze.com, (800) 826-6841


German for "little sparrow", Spätzle is a side dish made up of small egg noodles or dumplings served with cheese, sauce or gravy. While common in Germany, this will most likely be new to your stateside guests, making you look like a hostess who really knows her stuff.

Treat yourself: Panni Spaetzle, $4.50 for .57 lbs, KarlEhmer.com, (800) ITS-KARL (487-5275)

Hangover cure 

If you're throwing an Oktoberfest party, you'll definitely want to consider hangover cures for the morning after. Some recommend a hair of the dog that bit you. Others say to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.(Hello, isn't beer 99% water?) If you haven't figured out what works best to quell your alcohol-inspired head-throbber, check out reviews of 52 of the most popular hangover remedies around.

Treat yourself: Free, HangoverReview.com



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