Glitter: This necklace has bite!

Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate your inner vamp. For a sure-fire conversation starter, wear the fine jewelry version of the plastic vampire teeth we all wore as kids around your extremely bite-able neck.

This is the perfect accessory to your gothic princess costume. In fact, if you are venturing out without a scary outfit, this necklace just might be your ticket in to the hottest Halloween bash. What could be more fun than “talking” your way past the velvet ropes with these maddeningly malicious and delicious mandibles. Yes, the Baby Vamp pendant is fully articulated, meaning the tiny jocular jaws have a hinge and can move.

If a bigger bite is on your mind, get the full-size Classic Vamp, complete with blood-red garnet accents on the fangs.

Treat yourself: Baby Vamp, sterling silver, $175, 14K gold, $375, Classic Vamp, sterling silver, $480, 14K gold, $520, BitterSweetsNY.com, (718) 218-8595

—Judy Ann Olsen

Fabulous finds under $50

To complete your look of sinister style, accessorize with an antique-inspired poison ring. Worn in medieval times by ladies looking to subtly slip someone an aphrodisiac, or alternately, arsenic depending on the relationship, these rings from New Orleans would make voodoo queen Marie Laveau proud. A delicate silver rosette surrounds an abalone shell detail that opens up to reveal a hidden compartment.

Treat yourself: Joan Good Silver Abalone Poison ring, $35, JoanGood.com (504) 525-1705

For the past 13 years, Judy Ann Olsen has been a fixture in the NYC jewelry industry, working for internationally recognized jewelry design houses. A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and specializing in diamonds and couture, she's an accomplished metalsmith whose work has been recognized by the Platinum Guild International. Judy Ann currently offers jewelry consultation for private clients.
Website: JudyAnnOlsen.com
Contact: JudyAnnOlsen[at]msn.com


Goods: Trick out your bathroom

Between bathing, tweezing, moisturizing, applying make-up and everything else you do in the bathroom, it seems like you end up spending half your life in there. Well, why not make it a more entertaining? And we don't mean by just adding a magazine rack. Here are three far more niftier options...

Must wash TV

The way we see it, the more reasons to climb into a delicious hot bubble bath the better. Well, what if you could watch your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your own tub? That could add whole hour (or two or three) a week to your regular bath-taking routine. "What about steam and wayward suds killing your TV?" you ask. Not to worry. The new Envision flat screen television is waterproof, making it the first to be completely bathroom-friendly. Adhering to any wallplaster or tilethe Envision TV also comes with a splashproof remote so you can stay submerged for two shows. Or three if that whole pruning thing doesn't bother you.

Treat yourself: Envision waterproof TV, Starts at $1929 (Canadian), WaterproofTV.ca, (866) 505-0554

Hit the right note in your shower

If your tune-a-fish isn't playing the songs that inspire your best shower singing, try the iSplash Wireless ZipConnect Splashproof Speaker System. With it, you can listen to your iPod, MP3 or CD player in the shower through a wireless, splashproof transmitter that conveniently hangs from your showerhead or curtain rod.

Treat yourself: iSplash, $99.95, SharperImage.com, (800) 344-555

Make it rain

The latest and most luxurious innovation in showerheads is the "rain head". Transforming your usual shower routine into an invigorating tropical rainstorm, this affordable version from Beyond Bedding is a body-encompassing six inches wide and boasts a plentiful 61 evenly distributed jets of water with a 20-inch range of vertical motion.

Treat yourself: Extra large 6-inch rainfall showerhead, $16.99, Beyond-Bedding.com, (866) 999-6255

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