Glitter: Rings to swear by

Long associated with love, romance and, most notably, wedding engagements, the diamond ring is now taking on a whole new significance—and the message is getting to women loud and clear: these breathtaking beauties aren’t just for brides-to-be anymore. And designers are proving this with their lastest innovation: "right hand rings",  dazzling diamond rings that women buy as gifts for themselves.

Sleek, chic and refreshingly un-bridal, right hand rings are a high-fashion, high-end accessory that says, “I’m successful, confident, independent and have no time to wait around for a man to buy me a diamond." Expect this trend to gain even more momentum in the weeks to come.

If you are of the mind to partake in getting the “independence and affluence” message out, try picking up this contemporary 1/3 carat diamond ring. Reminiscent of the popular “bubble” motif made famous by the legendary Tiffany & Co., six playfully arranged diamonds of different sizes are bezel set on an open band ring in glittering white gold.

Treat yourself: Diamond Contemporary Right Hand Ring,  $349.95, HeavenlyTreasures.com, (800) 495-5777

—Judy Ann Olsen

Fabulous finds under $50

Feel like a queen for a day in this sparkling CZ and silver Tiara Ring by Eve’s Addiction. Even if you never won a pageant, you can still wear the crown and feel confident stepping out without your right hand being underdressed. Adorned with a fleur de lis motif, the pave set CZs are a ringer for the real thing.

Treat Yourself: Tiara Ring $48, EvesAddiction.com, (800) 679-EVES

For the past 13 years, Judy Ann Olsen has been a fixture in the NYC jewelry industry, working for internationally recognized jewelry design houses. A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and specializing in diamonds and couture, she's an accomplished metalsmith whose work has been recognized by the Platinum Guild International. Judy Ann currently offers jewelry consultation for private clients.
Website: JudyAnnOlsen.com
Contact: JudyAnnOlsen[at]msn.com


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Goods: Feel warm all over

Here are the latest ways to get toasty this fall and winter...

A blanket with benefits

What's the problem with being wrapped up in your favorite blanket like a pea in a pod? Peas don’t have hands. The remote control? Useless to you. That cocoa on the coffee table? Unreachable. And the pages of your favorite book aren’t going to turn themselves.

Here comes the Slanket to take the conflict out of comfort. This toasty fleece blanket comes equipped with two sleeves for all of your ambulatory wants and needs. 

Generous in size (it's 60" x 100" with 13" sleeves), you can choose from five match-any-couch colors.

Treat yourself: Slanket, $54.95, TheSlanket.com

Make that first step a cozy one

Let fall sweep you off your feet by putting one of these adorable, plush rugs under them. Romp’s Potholder Rug is a sumptuous one-inch thick, is bursting with color that will liven up any cold, dreary day and is cuter than Baby’s first Trick or Treat. Hand-woven from a rainbow of chemical-free recycled cotton T-shirts, you can choose from six sizes ranging from 1’9” x 2’6” to 7’ x 10’.

Treat yourself: Potholder Rug, $85 to $1350, Rompbklyn.com, (718) 230-4382

Warm hearts and bods

Imagine you and your loved ones seated around the table together, comfy and warm, eating dinner, perhaps playing games or sharing stories about your day. It may sound like a flashback from 1950s Americana, but this scene is brought to you by Japan. 

Meet the Kotatsu, a traditional  Eastern low, open table that warms up its patrons with a small electric heater on its underside. A futon on top drapes down to the floor to keep in the heat. A novel alternative to huddling around the fireplace, you tuck your legs under the futon and get cozy with your favorite people, or your favorite laptop.

Treat yourself: Kotatsu Table, $459.95 (in black and beige), futon, $249.95 to $289.95 (in five colors), heater $199.95, JLifeInternational.com, (866) 993-9291

Wrap yourself in toasty terry

There should never be a lousy part about taking a luxurious bath or shower. But on autumn and winter days, just knowing you've got to face the bracing chill of getting out of the tub can make you want put off bathing till April.

Luckily, you can make the transition from your warm bath to the cold cruel world far easier with a Plug-in Towel Warmer Rack that makes your towels as warm and fluffy as if they'd just come out of the dryer.

Treat yourself: Plug-in Towel Warmer Rack, Chrome, $59.99, SmartHome.com, (800) 762-7846

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