Get your Thanksgiving Day delivered

Everyone feels food pressure on Thanksgiving: If you're the one cooking the dinner, then you feel pressure to prepare the most buttery biscuits and tenderest turkey, like, ever. If you're a guest, then you feel pressure to bring a dish that isn't the equivalent of the last kid picked for dodgeball.

If you don't know how to cook or haven't got the time to prepare holiday delicacies from scratch, the anxiety can be even worse. But before you head for refuge in the freezer aisle at your local supermarket (Bleh! The ingredients list on those frozen meals is enough to make you run for the antacids!), you should know about a simple way to ease annual T'Day food pressure: Get part—or all—of your Thanksgiving meal delivered straight to your doorstep!

That's right! You can get appetizers, entrees (with all the fixin's!) and desserts prepared fresh and overnighted to you in refrigerated packages at the touch of a mouse button. Best of all, they come from the kitchens of chefs who specialize in high-quality, often handmade, foods and who use natural ingredients.

Here are our favorite Thanksgiving food deliveries that can help make your holiday stress-free:


Get French and flaky

Even if you had the time to whip up some killer apps, it would be hard to match the rich flavor that the chefs from Olive Street Table are capable of producing in their famous flaky hors d'oeuvres. Inspired by Provençal cuisine, the filling of each handmade pastry cup is made up of a savory blend of all-natural ingredients including olives with a hint of Cognac, goat cheese and herbs, pesto of fresh basil and tomato, and artichoke hearts, parsley, scallions and garlic blended with Parmesan and herbs.

Treat yourself: Provençal Assorted Hors d'Oeuvres by Olive Street Table, $59 for 32 appetizers, Williams-Sonoma, (877) 812-6235

Go mini

Nothing makes your mouth water more than bite-sized versions of your favorite guilty indulgences. Dufour Pastry Kitchens makes going mini an art form, offering tiny versions of dozens of succulent dishes including gourmet pizza, venison Wellington, empanadas, artichoke cheesecake and even rice pudding!

Treat yourself: Mini pastry by Dufour Pasty Kitchens, between $58 and $75 per three dozen, DufourPastryKitchens.com, 800-439 1282


If your clan has a bit of a wild side, they'll love Gourmet Pops, brainchild of famed chef David Burke. A sophisticated take on the much-beloved lollipop, Burke replaces traditional hard sugar with scrumptious orbs of Atlantic smoked salmon and cream cheese mousse as well as whipped goat cheese with mascarpone and sundried tomatoes to create the ultimate adult pre-dinner food fantasy.

Treat yourself: Smoked Salmon Pops, $19.90 per dozen, Goat Cheese Pops, $18.55 per dozen, GourmetPops.com


A juicy twist on traditional turkey

Turkey may be the mainstay of most Thanksgiving meals, but fried turkey is fast becoming a nationwide favorite way to prepare it thanks to its juicier meat and crispier skin. Too bad frying turkey is also a major fire hazard and a real pain in the giblets to do. Thankfully, you can get a whole fried turkey along with all the fixin's delivered straight to your door from the The Cajun Turkey Company. This complete meal includes a 10 to 12-pound Cajun Fried Turkey, two pounds of of home-style mashed potatoes, turkey and giblet gravy, two pounds of green bean casserole, one quart of crawfish étouffee, four three-ounce crab cakes and New Orleans-style bread pudding with rum sauce. Everything arrives fully cooked; all you need to do is heat and serve. Feeds eight.

Treat yourself: Cajun Fried Turkey Dinner, $129.95, CajunTurkeyCo.com, (800) 809-7881

Ham it up

If you want to wow your host or guests with ham, another popular dish served around the Thanksgiving table, then you'll want to order it from the  HoneyBaked Ham Co., a family-owned business known for over 40 years for offering the sweetest, juiciest hams. Weighing in at about seven pounds, these hams are spiral-sliced for easy serving. It arrives fully cooked with a two-pound wheel of delicate, Baby Swiss cheese and HoneyBaked mustards.

Treat yourself: $79, HBHBship.com, 800-343-HAMS (4267)

Turkeys thank you

Tofurky's Vegetarian Feast lets you enjoy a 100% vegan meat-free Thanksgiving dinner while giving you all the flavor and trimmings this holiday is famous for. Each feast contains one Tofurky roast (made with organic non-GMO soybeans), eight cranberry apple potato dumplings, tofurky giblet gravy, herbed brown and tofurky wild rice, stuffing, tofurky jurky and wishstix. This dinner cooks in about 40 minutes and serves four.

Treat yourself: Tofurky Vegetarian Feast, $21.80 (six servings), WellnessGrocer.com, (888) 272-8775


Let them eat cake

You won't feel guilty trading in your mixing bowls for a cake ordered from Bake Me A Wish. That's because, not only are these freshly-made cakes, cheesecakes and crumbcakes a surefire crowd-pleaser, this bakery donates 5% of each sale to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America in yours or your gift recipient's name. Choose from eight beautifully decorated seven-inch cakes (serves 6-7) including vanilla bean, tiramisu, carrot, chocolate mousse, cafe au lait, red velvet, triple chocolate enrobed brownie, strawberry shortcake and harvest pie. Choose from three cheesecakes including New York, chocolate mousse and crème caramel. Choose from three crumbcakes including caramel apple, old fashioned and black and white.

Treat yourself: Bake Me A Wish, $39.95 for cakes and cheesecakes, $19.95 for crumbcakes, BakeMeAWish.com, (888) 987-9474

Cookies, brownies and milk—oh my!

Laura Mandracchia of Laura's Sweets offers tempting varieties of handmade cookies and brownies that are whipped up in small batches using only natural and organic ingredients. Choose from seven cookie flavors including jam squares, chocolate chip almond, chocolate chip, gingerbread swirl pops, oatmeal raisin, cherry stripe or their famous Wa-Wa cookie, an oversized treat made of bittersweet chocolate and marshmallow. Or splurge on the 48-count "big box of cookies" that includes samples of every cookie along with two cartons of milk. If brownies are more your thing, you get to pick from walnut fudge, white chocolate chunk and double fudge.

Treat yourself: Cookies, $15 for 24 cookies, Wa-Wa, $25 for 16, Big Box of Cookies, $40 for 48 cookies; brownies, $18 per dozen,   LittleLauraSweets.com, (415) 331-2804

Pies in the kisser

Pumpkin pie may be the tried-and-true Thanksgiving Day dessert, but when you check out the pie offerings from the family-run My Pie in the Sky, you may be tempted to sample their other made-from-scratch options as well, including apple, cherry, chocolate fudge, maple pecan and cherry cheesecake. Prepared with all-natural and organic ingredients,  they're happy to ship your pie in a rustic wooden crate or fun sunflower-decorated box, you know, just in case you want to 'fess up that you didn't bake it yourself. 

Treat yourself: Small pies, starting at $26.50; large pies, starting at $32, MyPieintheSky.com, (888) 419-4021


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