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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Week 1: With 2007 almost here, change is everywhere! New goals, new opportunities, possibly new scenery? Before splurging on a plane ticket, check out the wall calendars featured at Kate’s Paperie. With a flip of the page, you can go from exploring the beautiful coastal beaches of Brazil to reveling in the mayhem of Carnival. These calendars contain such vivid pictures, you may feel the need to keep your passport on top of your dresser!
Treat yourself: Wall Calendars 2007,
from $12.99 to $21.95,

Week 2: As adventurous estrogen and testosterone peak, you're dying to try new things—food, drinks, clothes, travel destinations. So why not toothpaste, too? Well, Breath Palette gives you the chance to sample a whopping 32 nontraditional flavors of tooth cleaning polish including tropical pineapple, bitter chocolate, Indian curry and cafe au lait.
Treat yourself: Breath Palette Toothpaste kits, $21.99 for a kit of five flavors,

Week 3: Keep your toes warm this winter with a pair of adorable knit pom-pom booties from Victoria's Secret. Available in candlelight (off-white), heather charcoal (gray) and pink (pink).
Treat yourself: Knit Pom-Pom Booties, $28.50 per pair,

Week 4: When we spotted the mini Frogger game at a girlfriend's house recently, we could barely concentrate on the scones, muffins and popovers she baked just for us (yeah, we suck, but Frogger rocks). When she revealed that her mini Frogger was an original from the '70s, visions of eBay dollar signs danced in our heads. But she said she'd never part with it. Then we realized that if we owned this baby, we wouldn't part with it either. That's why we're so happy to have found the same mini Frogger as well as a mini Space Invaders at It may not bring in eBay dollars like the original. But at least now we know what we'll do with our time once Studio 60 is canceled.
Treat yourself: Mini Frogger, $28,

Monday, November 13, 2006

Double freebies Monday!

Week 1: There couldn't be a more perfect week to grab yourself a free sample of Kotex Ultra Thin with wings from if you're a pad user. Or, if tampons are more your style, get your free sample of Tampax Pearl from
Treat yourself: Kotex Ultra Thin with wings, free (while supplies last),; Tampax Pearl, free,

Week 2: Before taking advantage of your high energizing hormones to hit the town this week, spritz on a sample of Celine Dion's latest perfume, Belong. If your guy is tagging along, treat him to a sample of Old Spice Signature Scent.
Treat yourself: Celine Dion Belong perfume, free,; Old Spice Signature Scent, free,

Week 3: Coffee lovers will enjoy combating  progesterone-induced fatigue with a free sample of Folgers Gourmet Selections. Choose between Vanilla Biscotti or Lively Columbian. Those totally into tea will appreciate the free sample of gourmet tea from
Treat yourself: Folgers Gourmet Selections, free,; gourmet tea sample, free,

Week 4: During this pampering premenstrual week, give yourself a face-over with a free sample of Noxema Triple Clean Blackhead Cleanser. Then pamper your legs with King of Shaves for women, which promises to prevent painful razor burn.
Treat yourself: Noxema Triple Clean Blackhead Cleanser, free,; King of Shaves shaving cream, free,

Friday, November 10, 2006

Week 1: This Tibetan Personality Test is the latest fun chain email going around that promises to provide fascinating insight into your life. We don't normally encourage this type of thing. However, the test was actually quick and the results were really interesting (don't jump ahead to the end or you'll ruin it for yourself). Plus, according to the test, if we get 13 people to take it, our wish comes true. And we could really use that trip to Bali about now.
Treat yourself: Tibetan Personality Test, free,

Week 2: Ever heard of a "reverse auction"? Our jewelry columnist Judy Ann Olsen just clued us in to one she'll be featuring in a future column. We stumbled across another one today, and we're thinking this is the next big auction trend to hit. Basically, the auction starts with a high price and it gets lower and lower till someone bids. It's a lot more intense (and heart-pounding) than a usual auction, which makes it perfect for Week 2 when peaking estrogen and testosterone have you loving anything new and exciting. But, can also get incredible steals. offers reverse auctions, which they call "Smack Shopping Deal", every day at 1pm EST. Another fun addition: You can chat in real time to other potential bidders to try to sway them by talking smack (hence the name) or try not to be swayed yourself.
Treat yourself: Reverse auctions, prices vary,

Week 3: The soon-to-be-available PetsCell lets you do what pet owners have secretly wanted to do ever since the invention of the phone: call your furry buddy to just say "hi". And to stop chewing your favorite slippers. This ingenious invention consists of a phone attached to a pet collar. You call and the phone automatically answers and allows you to greet your panting pal. It'll be a tad pricey (about $400), but it's not like you have to get your pet braces or pay for college. Look for it in early 2007.
Treat yourself: PetsCell, about $400,

Week 4: This week, descending hormones make you more sensitive to annoying things, like loud TVs, shows you don't like and not having control over the remote. So it's good news that there's a nifty bite-sized universal TV remote that can surreptitiously control any TV by muting it, changing the channel and turning it on and off—all hidden in the palm of your sneaky little PMSing hand.
Treat yourself: Ninja Remote, $9.99,

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Treat others Thursday!

Week 1: Moms and kids will love the Little Director, a company that turns your child's drawing into a real animated cartoon. You just submit your child's art and the Little Director animators do the rest. Check out sample animations on their website to see what kind of high-tech fun your kid's artwork can inspire!
Treat your kid: Little Doodler, starting at $30,

Week 2: Think humans are the only ones who enjoy shaking their booty to a good tune? Not so fast—turns out dogs likes music, too! So says Dr. Kim Ogden, an intuitive animal communicator. Working with the Laurel Canyon Animal Company, she's just released a 12-song CD, Songs to Make Dogs Happy, that is for canine ears only. Tracks include Squeaky Deaky, a Caribbean-inspired squeak-punctuated ode to a squeaky toy and You're a Good Dog, a mellow tome that will make anyone's furry best pal feel warm all over. Listen to the hysterical samples on their website. Seriously, even if you don't have a dog, these musical snippets will make your day.
Treat your dog: Songs to Make Dogs Happy CD, $14.95,

Week 3: Is your guy going on a ski trip? Heading to a sports game? Just likes to have his favorite skinny mocha chai soy latte nearby at all times? Then get him the Thermos Element 5 Beverage Bottle, a 20-ounce high-tech container that keeps any hot beverage hot or cold beverage cold for an impressive 24 hours straight.
Treat your guy: Thermos Element 5 Beverage Bottle, $24.49,

Week 4: You will be, like, the bestest friend ever when you get your girlfriend the new Bliss Twinkle Toes Step-by-Step Pedicure Set. It's chock full of foot pampering products: 6.35-ounce Hot Salt Scrub (a self-heating scrub that removes dryness and dead surface cells), 0.5-ounce Manicure's Best Friend (a nourishing nail cream), 0.17-ounce Foot Patrol (exfoliates, cools, alleviates tension, and soothes), a pair of toe separators and Sephora Nail Polish #8 (deep red).
Treat your BFF: Bliss Twinkle Toes Step-by-Step Pedicure Kit, $38,


Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Week 1: Add some splash to your bath with funky spa lightssmall, round battery-operated lights that are waterproof and have rubber suckers on the bottom, enabling you to add some glow where ever you like. Available in blue, white, pink, green and color-changing.
Treat yourself: Spa Lights, $12.95 for a two-pack of a single color; $17.95 for a two-pack of changing colors,

Week 2: Dress up letters, invitations, birth announcements and holiday cards with personalized photo stamps—real postage stamps that display any photo you upload. Okay, no butt cheeks,  political messages or other obvious no-nos allowed. But photos of you, your pets, business logos and favorite scenes are a-okay.
Treat yourself: Photo Stamps, starting at $17.99 for a sheet of 20 39-cent stamps,

Week 3: Jumping rope is one of the healthiest activities around. It burns lots of cals (up to 100 every five minutes!), tones and even helps strengthen bones, which is good for every woman who wants to help prevent osteoporosis. Even better? During Week 3, your hormones help you burn up to 30% more fat when you exercise! So what's the prob? Not everyone has, how shall we say, the grace to be a jump roper. (Our ropeburned shins attest to our own lack of coordination.) Plus, there's that whole no room for a big ol' swinging rope issue. The solution: the JumpSnap ropeless jump rope. Consisting of two jump rope handles with weighted swinging balls, it simulates the action of jump rope (and even the sound!) without having to worry about tripping or bumping into walls.
Treat yourself: JumpSnap, $59.99,

Week 4: Peanut butter is a guilty indulgence that you don't have to feel too guilty about. After all, peanuts contain "good" fat, which helps fight heart disease. So we're happy to share the most decadent peanut butters we've come across in ages: P.B. Loco, which comes in 13 of the most mouthwatering flavors including peanut butter and...chocolate banana, asian curry, sun-dried tomato and raspberry white chocolate.
Treat yourself: P.B. Loco Peanut Butter, $6.95 per 16-ounce jar,

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Week 1: Here's a fun way to wrap all your holiday treats: use Airheads Xtreme Belts as ribbon! With a subtle taste of berry, this pliable candy is an attractive edible addition to any dessert plate!
Treat yourself: Airheads Xtreme Belts, $10.95 for 18 packets,

Week 2: If you're looking to help the conserve energy while saving a few dollars, try LED light bulbs, which are more efficient (resulting in a lower electricity bill), produce a more natural light and last up to 60,000 hours. 
Treat yourself: LED lightbulbs, starting at $14.95 (on sale),

Week 3: The Fleece Complete Body Lounger is a wintery dream come true. Covering your entire body and stitched together at the bottom with little holes for your feet, it's like a modern version of Union Suit longjohns (without the flap). You end up looking a bit like Picachu. But you're as warm and cozy as can be.
Treat yourself: Fleece Complete Body Lounger, $49.95,

Week 4: Origins has introduced the first skin firming lotion to contain Rhodiola, an herb that's been shown to reverse the signs of aging by lightening, tightening and smoothing facial skin. In their clinical tests, women who used this new cream saw a 44% reduction in the appearance of lines and a 61% lift in skin's appearance.
Treat yourself: Youthtopia Skin Firming Cream, $47.50 for 1.7 ounces,

Monday, November 6, 2006

Week 1: It's hard to make a flower vase fun. But give it a cute name, like, oh, the "bikini", then give it a peek-a-boo cutaway with an optical illusion that makes it appear as though the top half floats, and, well, you've got one fun vase. Even better? It's on sale!
Treat yourself: Bikini Vase, $28 (on sale),

Week 2: We've been eyeing all the cool kids with those roller sneakers, green with envy and thinking about how much faster we can get to the post office (okay, Starbucks). A quick search and we found them in adult sizes. Week 2's the best week to try'em out, since peaking estrogen and testosterone make your balance and dexterity peak, too. The worst week? Week 4, when plunging hormones make you a lot more likely to skin a knee or, in our case, break a hip. Yeah, we're old, but we're not too old to shave a minute or two off our daily latte run.
Treat yourself: Heelys Glitz Roller Shoes, $79.99,

Week 3: Make your toilet hands-free with the nifty Foot Flush, a foot operated pedal that allows you to flush your toilet at the touch of a toe. It easily attaches to any toilet in minutes. Seriously, with this thing around, why does any toilet have a handle?
Treat yourself: Foot Flush, $29.95,

Week 4: Holiday guests will be wowed that you made homemade cheesecake. But you can make them even more impressed when you use the mini pumpkin cheesecake pan from Williams-Sonoma to make mini cheesecakes in the shape of adorable pumpkins. On sale!
Treat yourself: Pumpkin Cheesecake Pan, $14.99 (on sale),

Friday, November 3, 2006

Week 1: We read about fuzzy hot water bottles in one of our writer's blogs today and knew we had to share the joy. Way better than the usual smelly, hospital image-evoking hot water bottles of old, these updated (and far more cuddly) versions are covered in plush toys like a shaggy dog, teddy bear or adorable duck. Snuggle with them when you've got menstrual cramps (a recent study proves hot water bottles decrease the pain) or when you need an extra bit of warmth on those cold, cold nights.
Treat yourself: Plush hot water bottles, starting at $12.97,

Week 2: We're not sure if Neighboroo by Google is fun or creepy. Either way, we're sure your attention will be grabbed by this free service that shows you a map of the U.S. according to a variety of demographic stats including lifestyle, political affiliation, income, crime, air quality and more.
Treat yourself: Neighboroo by Google, free,

Week 3: Want another way to impress your guests this Thankgiving? Try serving their tea and coffee with a bowl full of sugar cubes adorned with colorful Thanksgiving scenesincluding an ear of corn, horn o' plenty and pumpkinfrom the famed Bissinger's candy store. Even better? Once the sugar cube dissolves, its edible holiday-themed decoration floats to the top of the drink!
Treat yourself: Thanksgiving Sugar Cubes, $17 for 24 cubes,

Week 4: Indulge in an all-natural home facial from Kiss My Face with their convenient trial packs. Each pack includes sample sizes of nine of their famous face-saving organic products, such as Balancing Act (toner), Sugar Reef (sugar scrub) and C the Change (ester serum).
Treat yourself:  Normal to Dry Organic Facial Trial Pack, $14; Normal to Oily Organic Facial Trial Pack, $14,

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Week 1: Make decorating holiday cookies and cakes a cinch with the FooDoodler, a unique marker filled with edible ink. Available in up to 10 colors, fine line markers and flavored or non-flavored ink.
Treat yourself: FooDoodler, $2.99 to $7.99, (Coupon code: 1506; gets you 15% off any purchase; expires 12/15/06),

Week 2: Throwing a party? Surprise your guests by serving them shooters in shot glasses made out of pure ice! And it's easy—all it takes to make them is filling up this shot glass-shaped silicone rubber ice tray with water and putting it in the freezer.
Treat yourself: Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glass Maker, $7.99,

Week 3: You multi-task all day long. It only stands to reason that your dessert topping should, too, right? The folks who created Palette Fine Food Dessert Sauces think so. This smooth, creamy sauce can be used on pies, pancakes, in tartlet cups, as a layer cake filling and even as a fondue Available in three flavors: apple pie and ice cream, chocolate orange spice and gingerbread cream.
Treat yourself: Palette Fine Food Dessert Sauces, $7.99 for a 9-ounce jar,

Week 4: Usually aromatherapy candles help you with "peace" or "energy" or some other vague-sounding problem. Finally, there's a set of aromatherapy candles that get straight to the point, offering olfactory assistance with panic attacks, withdrawal, libido and being a workaholic. Now these we can get behind.
Treat yourself: Therapy Solutions Candles, $17.95,


Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Week 1: The adorable cashmere iPod hoodie from Anthropologie is so unnecessary, it's funny. But something about it still makes us love it. Maybe it's because of its commitment to detail. The cashmere is ribbed and trimmed in twill and the hoodie comes with a handy "kangaroo pocket". Choose from cherry, gray and ivory. Even if you don't buy it, it's still worth a peek.
Treat yourself: iPod Hoodie, $36,

Week 2: Want a little creative inspiration for setting your Thanksgiving Day table this year? Neiman Marcus invited four designers to supply you with creative ideas. Take a peek there, then head on over to the way more reasonably-priced, where they're incidentally having a sale: $40 off an online order of $150 or more. 
Treat yourself: Table dressings, free peek,

Week 3: Hey, Moms, ever drop a cool $50 on a pair of kids shoes only to have the little buggers outgrow them in a month? Then you  need the new Earthworm shoes. Outfitted with something snazzy called "iFit technology", these shoes grow as your child's foot grows, lasting up to three sizes per pair of shoes!
Treat yourself: Inchworm Shoes, starting at $19.95,

Week 4: Premenstrual aches and pains are bad enough. You don't need to add back and leg aches from sitting at a desk for hours at a time. One way to prevent this kind of strain is with this adjustable foot rest from RubberMaid. After months of backaches, the editor of this mag finally caved and got one. After a week, the pain has disappeared. The whining, however, mysteriously still continues.
Treat yourself: Height-adjustable, tilting footrest by RubberMaid, $37.64,



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