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Gabrielle Lichterman's Hormone Horoscope: Week of October 23, 2006

Know what costume you're wearing this Halloween yet? Yeah, me neither. But I do know that whatever my costume will be, it'll reflect the mood my hormones will have me feeling on the day Halloween falls.

After all, it would be pretty uncomfortable to be dressed in a sexy, skin-baring Wonder Woman costume if I was in my self-conscious Week 4, or worse, dressed in a traditional witch costume when it's my Week 2 and my hormones are pushing me to wear something more risque. Like that Wonder Woman outfit.

To make sure you have the most fun on Halloween, this week's Hormone Horoscope shows you how to choose the best costume to match your hormonal mood....

                          Happy hormone cycling!
                          Gabrielle, Week 2


Halloween Hormones

Use your cycle to pick the costume you're sure to love!

Week 1 (starts first day of your period): Estrogen and testosterone start out at the bottom and rise all week.

Silly and fun
You're going to want to make people smile when they see you coming thanks to rising estrogen, which boosts your sense of humor. You'll also enjoy recreating memories of costumes you wore as a kid. If Halloween falls early in your Week 1, go for a comfortable outfit since you may be toughing it out with menstrual cramps and low estrogen aches and pains.
Best costumes this week: Comical Cow, Sumo Wrestler, Witch, Cave Woman

Week 2 (Day 8 to Day 13): Estrogen and testosterone rise until they peak.

Sexy and daring
If you already embrace your sexy side, then peaking hormones will have you wanting to step it up with your Halloween costume. If you're usually modest, you'll feel like using this holiday to release your inner vixen. You'll also be confident enough to take other risks, such as wearing a costume that demands a lot of confidence or that's so outrageous, it could win the door prize!
Best costumes this week: Bucaneer Babe, Spiderina, Genie in a Bottle, Wonder Woman, Roller Boogie Babe

Week 3 (Day 14 or ovulation to Day 22): Estrogen and testosterone dip then rise again. Progesterone rises.

Elaborate and ornate
If there was ever a right time for a costume with lots of bells and whistles, it's this week when sedating progesterone rises and gives you the patience to deal with multi-piece outfits, props, wigs, makeup and even face prosthetics.
Best costumes this week: Corpse Bride, Contessa de Muerta, Chiffon Angel, Peacock, Geisha, face prosthetics, makeup kits

Week 4 (Day 22 to the end of your cycle): Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone plunge.

Low-maintenance and flattering
During this premenstrual week, you'll have less patience with high-maintenance costumes, so the simpler the better. The feel-good brain chemical serotonin plunges on these days, making you a tad more self-conscious about your appearance. So shy away from costumes that can prompt jokes that may be taken the wrong way (that cow costume from Week 1, for instance). Battling premenstrual blemishes? Take the opportunity to don a spooky, face-saving mask!
Best costumes this week: Lord of the Rings Queen Arwen, Empress, feathered mask

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