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WEEK 1: Fun & Familiar
This week lasts from Day 1 ( the first day of your period) to Day 7 in your monthly cycle. Your estrogen and testosterone start off at the bottom, but steadily rise as the week goes on. As a result, they have you in the mood to be silly, do your favorite activities or recreate those you remember from childhood, connect with others, shop and learn new things!

Here's a round-up of articles you'll enjoy this week of your monthly hormone cycle.... 
Summer Sandals
Treat Your Feet
We test drove 5 summer sandals that have surprising benefits! Find out which ones are best for you...
Cramp Squasher

Granny Was Right
This age-old technique really does reduce menstrual cramp pain. A new study proves it!
Secrets Revealed
Grab a Pen!
Now draw a house and discover what you drawing reveals about your personality!


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