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week 2





WEEK 2: Exciting & Exotic
This week lasts from Day 8 to Day 13 of your monthly cycle. Your estrogen and testosterone are climbing steadily until they reach their peaks on Day 13. These high hormones are putting you in the mood to have sex, be daring, try something new, meet new people, get closer to your mate or find a partner, and do anything that's high energy!

Here's a round-up of articles you'll enjoy this week of your monthly hormone cycle.... 
Fast Food
On-the-Go Eats
Grab a hot meal, freshly baked cake, gourmet coffee and fresh fruit where ever and whenever you want!
Coffee Fortune-Teller
Java Predicting
Find how your next cup of coffee can reveal if you're going to get a new job, important news, a baby and more!
Get Closer
The Male Cycle
Discover how your guy's 24-hour hormone cycle can make your relationship closer than ever!


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