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week 3





WEEK 3: Cautious & Caring
This week lasts from Day 14 (or ovulation) to Day 22 of your monthly cycle. Your estrogen and testosterone start off by dropping, but by Day 18, they rise again. Progesterone, a sedating hormone that also boosts the urge to nurture, rises steadily throughout the week. This week's hormonal combination is increasing your desire to be safe, improve your health, cook (or order in), eat comfort foods, shop for items that make your home more comfortable, budget, stick to what's traditional and do quiet-low key activities either alone or with a special friend.

Here's a round-up of articles you'll enjoy this week of your monthly hormone cycle.... 
Pretty Tasty
Face Your Food
Have dry skin? Wrinkles? Dullness? Fix them all and more with these foods...
Moody Blues
Is It Pre-PMS?
If you're sad or irritable during Week 3 of your cycle, it could be pre-PMS. Find out if you have it!
Boost Metabolism
8 Ways to Rev
Need help losing a few pounds? Try these 8 proven (and yummy!) metabolism boosters!


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