Thanks for your interest in writing for Four Weeks. Here's what we're looking for:


We accept queries from freelance writers for our shopping, food, travel and DIY departments. Articles are 350 to 550 words in length with two to three sidebars. We feature new, undiscovered and/or quintessential experiences in shopping, food, travel and DIY. We also feature women who accomplished or built something inspiring on their own for our DIY section.

Each query must be targeted for a specific mini-magazine in Four Weeks: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 or Week 4. Here's what we include in each of these mini-magazines follow:

That's why Four Weeks magazine is made up of four mini-magazines. Each represents one of the four weeks of a woman's monthly hormone cycle and the distinct moods that her hormones have her feeling during those weeks. They are:

Week 1 theme: Fun and familiar
How Four Weeks syncs up with a woman's cycle:
We make a woman's Week 1 more fun.
How we do it:
During this week, rising estrogen makes women want to feel like a kid again. Yet, this hormone is still relatively low, which makes them prefer fun activities that are familiar. So, we give readers all the latest and greatest ways to have this kind of reminiscent, light-hearted good time by bringing you delicious food recommendations and original recipes that remind them of Mom's kitchen, laughter-filled getaways, easy DIY craft projects and shopping picks that will appeal to the kid in them.
Duration: Week 1 begins with the first day of a woman's period, which is Day 1 of her monthly cycle, and lasts through Day 7.

Week 2 theme: Exciting and exotic
How Four Weeks syncs up with a woman's cycle:
We fulfill a woman's Week 2 desire to explore.
How we do it: During this week, peaking estrogen and testosterone have women craving excitement and new discoveries. So we bring readers all the newest inventions and gadgets to try, exotic vacation spots to visit, surprising and unusual foods to sample and over-the-top shopping indulgences that are must-haves for any peaking hormoned gal. Since high hormones put women in the mood to take over the world, we also introduce readers to a woman who's done something amazing to help inspire their own dreams.
Duration: Week 2 begins with Day 8 of your cycle and lasts through Day 13 (or the day before ovulation).

Week 3 theme: Cautious and caring
How Four Weeks syncs up with a woman's cycle:
We make women
feel safe and nurtured during their Week 3.
How we do it:
During Week 3, women are feeling more cautious and caring as progesterone, the nurturing and sedating hormone, rises, and estrogen and testosterone dip. That's why we recommend products and places that cater especially to the reader's mellower mood this week. Readers will also find how-to advice for a bevy of DIY projects for improving all aspects of their life, including gussying up their home, improving finances and making them and their family better protected. To fulfill this week's desire to nurture and shop, we recommend products readers will love and which also help others when readers purchase them.
Duration: Week 3 begins on Day 14 of a woman's cycle (or ovulation) and lasts through Day 22.

Week 4 theme: Indulgent and introspective
How Four Weeks syncs up with a woman's cycle:
We make women happier and more comfortable during their Week 4.
How we do it:
Plunging estrogen, testosterone and progesterone during this premenstrual week make women a tad more emotionally sensitive, increase their aches and pains and decrease their level of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin. As a result, women feel more indulgent and introspective. That's why we recommend only those foods that are proven to increase serotonin, which boosts mood, and which are also the
yummiest guilt-free indulgences that do the mood-lifting job. We've also found perfect items to ease the discomfort of these pain-sensitive days, and selected just the right pampering shopping gifts and getaways that any premenstrual woman would enjoy.
Week 4 starts on Day 23 and lasts until the end of a woman's cycle, which is the day before she gets her period.

Writers, please note: We do not write about hormones in Four Weeks articles. Instead, we bring women tips, recommendations and advice based on the influences of their hormone cycle. So we're looking for pitches that fit these weekly moods, not pitches about hormones.

Who we write for

Our audience is primarily women 18 to 35. They're women with careers, kids or both. While their backgrounds are varied, they have some goals in common: they want to make their life fuller, easier and more fun.

Info and rights

Four Weeks is published 12 times per year and is published online at

Four Weeks acquires first North American serial rights for accepted pieces. We do not consider previously published material. Simultaneous submissions are fine so long as we are made aware of it. We do not accept faxed submissions.

Please submit all article queries to editors[at] You must make clear for which department and which mini-magazine (week) your query is intended. Payment varies. Response time is two to four weeks. 


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