Four Weeks Magazine attracts 18 to 49-year-old female readers who who are smart, savvy and make the primary spending decisions in their household.

Most of our readers live in the United States. The second most popular region of origin is Canada.

Our readers are early adopters who spend a good portion of their online time researching, shopping and participating in active online communities. They're communicators who share ideas and product recommendations.

Representing a mix of single and married women, our readers have careers, are moms or do both. Though their lifestyles are varied, they do have some goals in common: They want to make their life fuller, easier and more fun.  

Advertising in our online women's lifestyle magazine and its email newsletters, which goes to our private opt-in mailing lists, gives you access to this vital audience of opinion-making consumers who influence the purchasing decisions of those around them.

You'll have the opportunity to reach our readers by advertising both in the pages of the monthly magazine and in our popular opt-in weekly and daily email newsletter.

To reach Four Weeks Magazine readers, send an email to us at advertising[at] or call our office at (212) 987-4460. We'll be happy to send you a comprehensive advertising kit via email.





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