Four Weeks Magazine is made up of four "mini-magazines"—Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4. Each mini-magazine corresponds to the four weeks in your monthly hormone cycle.

Wondering which week you're on in your cycle? Here's an easy guide:

Week 1: Starts on Day 1,  which is the first day of your period, and lasts till Day 7.

Week 2: Starts on Day 8 and lasts till Day 13, or the day before ovulation.

Week 3: Starts on Day 14, or the day of ovulation, and lasts till Day 22. (Scroll down to find out how to determine when you ovulate—it's easy!)

Week 4: Starts on Day 23 and lasts till Day 28, or the end of your cycle.

You can read Four Weeks Magazine in sync with your cycle—for instance, you can read the Week 1 mini-magazine during Week 1 of your cycle. Or you can read the whole magazine at once to get tips for weeks to come.


Why is Four Weeks Magazine set up like this? Because your hormones have a different effect on you each week of your cycle. They may make you upbeat and energetic, tired and introspective or somewhere in between.

This means that your desires and needs change from week to week, too. So we've created the first magazine that offers tips, recommendations and advice tailored to meet your needs as they change throughout the month.

Want to know how your moods change from week to week based on your hormones? Here's a quick snapshot:

Week 1 mood: Fun and familiar
During this week, rising estrogen boosts your optimism and sense of humor, and makes you want to feel like a kid again. Yet, this hormone is still relatively low, which makes you less adventurous and more comfortable with fun activities that are already familiar to you.

Week 2 mood: Exciting and exotic
During this week, peaking estrogen and testosterone have you craving excitement and new discoveries. You're also feeling more energetic, competitive, ambitious and are confident that you can take over the world
—or at least tackle that black hole of a closet once and for all.

Week 3 mood: Cautious and caring
During this week, your desire to feel safe and nurture is heightened thanks to a combination of rising progesterone, the "Mothering" hormone, and dipping estrogen and testosterone. Sedating progesterone also has you feeling mellower and quieter than the past two weeks.

Week 4 mood: Indulgent and introspective
Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone plunge during this premenstrual week, which makes you a tad more emotionally sensitive, increases your aches and pains and decreases your level of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin, which may result in a bit of the blues at times. As a result, you're in the mood to be indulged and are more apt to be analyzing the challenges in your life.



About Four Weeks Magazine

Four Weeks Magazine is published and edited by Gabrielle Lichterman, the founder of Hormonology, the Hormone Horoscope. The principles that guide the magazine were established in Gabrielle's groundbreaking book 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods, and Potential, which was named one of the "Top 10 Women's Health Books of 2005" by

Gabrielle is also a nationally-known women’s health journalist, whose articles have appeared in many top magazines including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire, Woman's World and Vibe.

In addition, Gabrielle is the former managing editor of Playgirl magazine and former editor of WebMD’s electronic health newsletters. You can read more about Gabrielle's story here.


How can you tell when you're ovulating?

The second half of a woman's hormone cycle begins at ovulation. There are several easy methods you can use to figure out when you've ovulated:

Use a basal thermometer. Take your temperature before getting out of bed in the morning. When your temperature rises .5 to 1 degree, it indicates that you’re ovulating. ($10.99,

Use a fertility detector microscope. These handy lipstick-sized mini-microscopes measure the amount of salt in your saliva. When your salt peaks, so does your estrogen, which means it's Day 13 in your cycle, or the day before you ovulate. (Ovulation Scope, use the coupon code 2828 to get it for the discounted price of $19.95,

Check vaginal secretions. When your secretions are thin and watery, you're at or near ovulation.

Feel for a cramp.
About 1 in 4 women feel a sharp pinch when they ovulate and may see a spot or two of blood in their discharge, which is normal.




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